Lemmings PSP

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Lemmings PSP
Release Date: May 23, 2006
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Team17 Software / SCEE
Genre: Puzzle Action
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Lemmings PSP
With potential dangers lurking at every step, including extreme cliffs, raging rivers, blistering lava pits, mechanical spikes and other barriers, players must utilize wits and quick thinking to guide the Lemmings safely through these treacherous hurdles to reach the end of each course. The game challenges players to navigate its perilous levels by instructing the Lemmings to bash, dig, build, climb, mine, bomb, and float their way to safety.

Lemmings PSP for the PSP system revamps the well-revered and addictive puzzle game with never-before-seen levels (20 new and over 150 total stages), updated graphics, a new mix of music, and an extensive level editor that allows players to build unique, custom-created levels and share them online with others.

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Category: Action, Puzzle